Top Secrete Face Skin Tips (Home Made)

By | December 26, 2019

No one is born with skin problems when no one is born. In fact, it is more likely to face more skin problems than in ancient times. Not only bad environment, but also because of unhealthy habits and health problems.

Many of us get rid of an ugly and ugly face with acne, dark spots, dry skin. For that reason our ancestors never met any skin problems. In ancient times our ancestors did not use any chemical products to enhance their beauty. Instead, they have maintained their skin with natural products.

Here are some of the beauty tips that have been adopted in ancient times. If you follow them daily, you will definitely increase your skin and make your skin look smoother than skin problems.

Top Secrete Face Skin Tips (Home Made)

Milk powder and lemon juice

Apply the lemon juice and honey in milk powder, rub on the face and soak for 10 minutes, then wash off the face. If you do, you can feel the color of the face.

Oats and sour curd

Soak the oats in the first day and then paste it in the morning and mix it with sour yogurt, wash it off and wash it on the face. If you continue to do this, you will see good results soon.


Like lemons, potato is also rich in baking. So the potato paste and squeeze it on the face every day and wash it thoroughly.


Antioxidant and other nutrients in tulsi will improve the health of the skin cells and keep the skin healthy and healthy. Basically, Basil is a good solution to acne problems. Apply the paste and paste on the face and wash it for 15-20 minutes.


Wash saffron in milk, wash on the face and wash it for 20-30 minutes, and the bleaching effect of saffron is exposed to dark skin and the color of the skin is improved. In fact, if you follow this process every day, you can see that it’s too fast.

Yellow and tomato

Add the yellow and tomato paste together and put on the face and put on the face, it will increase the color of the skin.

Almond oil

Hot almond oil, warmed, rubbed on the face and soak the blood circulation in the face, the face will be bright.

Flour flour

Add the marinade morai paste and paste it on the face and wash it off. If you do it daily, the color of the skin will increase.


Mint is very refreshing. There is also the ability to completely eliminate the dirt in the skin. Grind the mint leaves and squeeze it on the face and wash it for 10-15 minutes.

Banana Face Pack

Banana has the ability to increase the color of the skin. Mix well the mashed banana and mix it with honey and 1 teaspoon sour milk and put on the face and mask.

Sandalwood mask

People with oil-glue skin, paste the sandalwood powder into the water and put on the face and put on the face. This mask will be refreshed with the face.

The ingredients in the sandalwood will go to acne, scratches and black spots. So mix the sandalwood powder with milk or water and apply on face every day for 20-30 minutes to soak and wash away

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