How Can i Get Healthier Life?

By | December 11, 2019

However, I have not always eaten as I do today. I started to change my eating habits a few years ago, when my body was not at all in balance. I felt bad both physically and mentally and had no energy or energy for anything. I ate what I felt for and most of the time it wasn’t very much nourishing the food. It was a big turning point for me. I realized that I needed to start somewhere to feel good again and I chose to start with the diet. Today I am very happy that I did because I feel better than ever.

A healthy lifestyle is not just about the diet without being physically active and having a good mental health also plays. Finding the joy of moving, being able to find an inner harmony and balance is at least as important to me as getting in the right nutrition. It all fits together! I think the vast majority would want them to live healthier today, but at the same time may not be prepared to change anything in their current lifestyle. It is necessary to be open to new things and to dare to break old habits if there is to be a change. Simply changing the lifestyle is nothing that happens overnight and you may not have to make a big turnaround at once to feel better. It’s about finding small things every day that you can change to the positive.

Here Are Some Points That Helped Me and That Are Good to think About if you Want to go for a More Healthy Lifestyle:

1. Ask yourself why you want to change to a healthier lifestyle? What do you feel you want to change and why? Is it to keep you healthy, feel better mentally, become more energetic, etc.

2. Focus on what you should do more of instead of setting up a ban. Tear off the list of everything you can’t eat and focus instead on what to eat more of. For example, vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds, oils, beans, lenses, etc. In fact, the more you eat of what is good, the less space there will be for what is less good.

3. Stop counting calories !! Focus on WHAT you eat and not how much. Eat well and feel good.

4. Get aware. Think about what makes you eat what you eat. Because it is good, because you are used to eating so, or because you have heard that it should be good, but above all, you feel good about eating as you do? Being aware of their choices is always good and it is easier to make changes if you know why.

5. Learn to distinguish hunger and sigh. Suction often leads to eating sugar, which is easily done if you are used to eating it. Always have a useful snack at your fingertips if the suction is sneaking on.

6. Think positively. Replace your “I must” with “I want”. Make a change because you want it, for your own sake and for your own health. Go to the gym and work out because it makes you feel good, and not because you feel compelled to do so.

7. Be patient. Small steps in the right direction are usually better than a full turn at once.
Life is amazing and it gets even better when you feel good, are healthy and feel happy. Breaking a negative spiral is not always easy, but we all have to start somewhere. I can guarantee that it is worth it 🙂
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