Five Tips to Subtract Calories From Your Dishes For The Summer

By | January 11, 2020

If you’re trying to lose weight for the summer, it’s always or miracle diet. The best thing is to opt for sustainable changes in time to help us eat better and lighter. For this, we left nine ideas to subtract calories from your dishes for the summer.

Use Plain Yogurt or Fresh Cheese Shake to Replace Cream

Natural yogurt, without sugar of course, and fresh cheese shake are foods that can be used perfectly in replacement of cream for various preparations.

Because the cream is mostly fat, we will be reducing considerably the caloric intake if we use in its replacement natural skimmed yogurt but also, if we choose fresh whipped cheese as a substitute.

In addition, with these replacements we will add quality proteins to the diet and with them, more capacity to satiate the body, so it will also be favorable if we seek to lose weight.

With natural yoghurt or fresh cheese smoothie we can make light cakes, an appetizing dessert, cookies or a tasty sauce but with fewer calories than if we used cream.

Change The Fried Foods By The Oven

Fritters are always discouraged at the time of weight loss, because during this process foods absorb fat and concentrate calories, becoming also very appetizing and not very satisfying.
Therefore, if we want to lose weight it will be best to avoid frying and, in its place, to cook baked chips, baked potatoes, or baked nuggets instead of immersing them in oil.

Also avoid preparations that are by nature fried, such as potato chips or fast food preparations will be key when we seek to lose weight.

Use Mashed Avocado to Replace Mayonnaise or Butter

As a dressing a rich guacamole will always be welcome and this offers quality fats that can help you lose weight as well as providing less calories and more satiety than a commercial mayonnaise sauce.

But in addition, avocado puree without more (not guacamole), can be used in place of butter to make for example truffles, a dessert or a brownie, being therefore a good change to subtract calories and gain good nutrients that may favor weight loss.

Use Sweeteners or Ripe Fruits to Replace Sugar

Taking sugar out of our diet is a good way to subtract calories from our dishes and also to discount the consumption of sweet foods by reducing the threshold of sweetness little by little.

Therefore, in substitution of sugar we can go to sweeteners such as stevia or other artificial without calories or use ripe fruits such as mango, banana, dates, always whole but sweet.
Thus, we can make for example a sponge cake without sugar, muffins with banana inside, ice cream only fruits, sorbets and other options with many fewer calories because they have no added sugar.

Replace Commercial Sauces With Herbs And Various Spices

Commercial sauces can be very appetizing, but in addition to having added sugars in their majority, they can be a source of poor quality fats and salt or sodium in high proportions.

If we want to eat less and reduce the calories of our dishes, a good replacement that we can use are herbs and several spices, and can even make homemade sauces with the use of these, vegetables or fruits.

But herbs and spices are also very light, natural flavor enhancers that help us satiate and also, some of them can raise the metabolism and encourage the burning of fat.

On the other hand, we can not forget that these small ingredients add valuable nutrients to our dishes, even when we use them in scarce proportions.

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