1. Chest pain

When it hurts your chest, many think: “Help! Heart attack! “. However, before you make hasty conclusions, there are some things to consider, such as your age. In younger persons who do not have an increased risk of heart problems, it may well be completely harmless.

According to the doctor Albert Ahn, the pain can just as easily occur as a result of heartburn, stress, anxiety or a stretched muscle in the breast wall.

If you are 45-plus, smoke and have cardiovascular problems in the family, you should be more observant. Or if the pain comes suddenly and does not disappear by itself.

2. Palpitations

Just as when the chest is painful, it is scary when the heart behaves differently. But it doesn’t have to be dangerous. Everything from stress and dehydration to sleep deprivation and caffeine overdose can trigger palpitations.

Help should you seek if the palpitations are accompanied by other symptoms, such as dizziness, fainting, cold sweating or fatigue. Or if it sits for more than a day.

All heart palpitations that you are not really affected by, even if you have heart disease, are usually harmless, former physician Stefan James has previously said to Health Life.

According to James, it is common for palpitations to occur during exertion. Other causes include anemia, hormone disorders, fever or infections.

3. Ringing in The Ears

After a loud rock concert, it may not be so strange if your ears ring as a result. But when it emerges from nowhere, it is more unpleasant. However, it can only be a normal sign that you have become older. When the arteries harden with age or if you have high blood pressure, the blood flow in the body changes – which can create a sound that only you hear, says the doctor Brunilda Nazario to Reader’s Digest.

Even stress can lead to sound sensitivity and swirling in the ears. You can consult a doctor to exclude any hearing damage.

4. No Hands

No, you do not automatically have Parkinson’s disease just because your hands are shaking. According to the 1177 Healthcare Guide, Parkinson’s usually debuts after 55 years and the problems usually start in a body half. Other symptoms may include discomfort in an arm or leg, fatter hand writing, poorer mobility and rigid muscles.

Shaking can also be due to low blood sugar, thyroid problems or something called essential tremor – unclear tremors where the cause is not known.

To get the right diagnosis, you should seek professional help.

5. Blood In The Stool

Blood is never fun, especially when you are the source of origin. But blood in the bay is not a death sentence, it doesn’t even have to be dangerous. It may as well be about small vascular ruptures or hemorrhoids. According to the 1177 Care Guide, some drugs can cause bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. An intense stomach disease can also cause it.

If you are over 40, however, you should be more vigilant.

At that age, the incidence of rectal cancer begins to increase. Usually, then, a simpler endoscopic examination will suffice, says senior physician Jan Brun to the Netdoktor site.

Other risk factors include heredity, obesity, smoking, large intake of red meat and sedentary. Then a more thorough investigation in the form of a colonoscopy should be offered.

Bowel disorders such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can also lead to bloody stools.

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