If you’re trying to lose weight for the summer, it’s always or miracle diet. The best thing is to opt for sustainable changes in time to help us eat better and lighter. For this, we left nine ideas to subtract calories from your dishes for the summer.

Replace Commercial Sauces With Herbs and Various Spices

Commercial sauces can be very appetizing, but in addition to having added sugars in their majority, they can be a source of poor quality fats and salt or sodium in high proportions.

If we want to eat less and reduce the calories of our dishes, a good replacement that we can use are herbs and several spices, and can even make homemade sauces with the use of these, vegetables or fruits.

But herbs and spices are also very light, natural flavor enhancers that help us satiate and also, some of them can raise the metabolism and encourage the burning of fat.

On the other hand, we can not forget that these small ingredients add valuable nutrients to our dishes, even when we use them in scarce proportions.

Prefer Fresh Cheese Instead of Cured Cheeses

The cured cheeses, although they concentrate calcium and proteins, also have more fats and sodium than the specimens without ripening time or with a higher water content.

So, if we want to easily subtract calories from our dishes, a good change we can make is to use fresh cheese in most of our dishes, leaving aside the semi-cured and cured.

If we want grated cheese, we can always freeze the fresh cheese and so, hard and cold to grate the same and then sprinkle a pasta or gratin a dish.

Change Commercial Breakfast Cereals For Oatmeal or Other Whole Grains

If we use commercial breakfast cereals we should know that most of them, even those called “fitness” or rich in fiber that we consider healthier, are a great source of added sugar or that is easily absorbed.

Therefore, if we want to subtract calories from our diet, a good replacement that we can use is oats or other whole grains such as couscous, rice or quinoa.

Thus, we can make a quinoa with milk or the same plate with brown rice, we can also make a porridge with couscous for our breakfasts and thus, avoid the sugars, salt and fats of many industrial cereals.

Choose Lean Meats or Fish to Replace High-Fat Meats

Between a cut of meat and another there may be different notables in their fat content, so much so that changing a fat beef for a lean one can save a lot of calories.

If we choose fish, even if it is a fat alternative we will be incorporating omega 3 which may favor weight reduction, therefore, it continues to be a favorable option.
But to subtract calories it is always advisable to choose lean cuts such as chicken breasts, tenderloins, loins or shoulders, among others of different animals.

Use Plain, Unsweetened Yogurt to Replace Flavored or Sugary Yogurt

To reduce the consumption of added sugar and in addition, subtract considerable calories derived from this nutrient, it is advisable to avoid the sugars of flavors or sugars that have a greater proportion of simple hydrates in their interior.

Not only are they more appetizing and they do not satisfy, but they provide more calories, so if we want quality proteins, calcium and all the creamy texture of the yogurt in our dishes, it is better to use plain yogurt with no sugar inside.

To subtract calories from your dishes easily and thus, eat lighter and healthier for the summer, these are nine ideas that you can put into practice

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